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We want you to have great time dancing. To help be sure that everyone does, please remember these following rules of dance etiquette:

  • Lessons and dances work best if dancers rotate partners so that everyone gets a chance to dance. Dancing with one partner the entire evening should be avoided.
  • For many people, particularly beginners, being declined for a dance can be difficult, therefore, declining a dance should be avoided under most circumstances. The only acceptable ways of declining a dance are (a) you are sitting out the dance for a rest, (b) you do not know the dance, or (c) you have promised the dance to someone else.
  • It is perfectly fine for a woman to ask a man to dance. We're all here to dance.
  • There is no smoking in the building
  • Attire: for swing dancing, loose comfortable clothes that allow a full range of movement are best. Shirts with short sleeves and dresses that are not too short or tight are a big advantage, and an extra shirt on warm nights is advisable. Avoid any accessories that may snag or injure a partner such as belt buckles, long necklaces, big rings, or brooches.
  • We welcome dancers of all levels, from beginners to experienced. We ask experienced dancers to welcome newcomers and help them learn.
  • Food and beverages should be kept off the dance floor.
  • On the dance floor, the line of dance is counterclockwise around the perimeter of the floor (Waltz, Foxtrot), with stationary dances ( East Coast, Jitterbug) towards the center of the circle. For slotted dances (West Coast Swing. Cha-Cha) slots should be parallel. Be aware of other peoples' lines of dance.
  • It is the leader's responsibility to avoid mishaps and to make his partner look good on the dance floor.
  • Aerials and choreography should be avoided on the social dance floor, particularly when the floor is crowded. Aerials require training by a qualified instructor and should only be attempted by individuals who have had proper training.
  • Never blame a partner for missed executions or other mishaps. The better dancer bears a greater responsibility and accepting the blame is always welcome. Better dancers should always dance at the level of their partners.
  • Make sure your partner enjoys the dance, escort them off the floor, and thank them.
  • Please wear soft soled shoes on the dance floor.
  • Introduce yourself to new people, dance, smile and have a terrific time.
  • If you have any comments or suggestions, please tell the dance manager(s). We welcome hearing from you.
    Dance Photos
    A Night to Shine, at the Nottingham Ballroom in Hamilton - A joint effort (night of dance lessons and dancing) by two non-profits, Central Jersey Dance Society and Shine and Inspire. Central Jersey Dance Society (CJDS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social dance and its many human and cultural rewards. Shine and Inspire is a new 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for Mercer County residents through the charitable gifts of local businesses and members of the community.
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